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Fathers Day Gift Ideas, Happy Fathers Day 2017 Crafts

Fathers Day Gift Ideas: Without my father I am nothing, Do you know when is fathers day? I was searching on this queries when is fathers day this year. There is a big reason behind this celebration. Father’s day is celebrated in memorial of 250 Fathers who died in one disaster. Which left 1000s of child fatherless. You are one of the lucky children, your father always stands beside you. Will you mind making this summer the most special summer for your dad?

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Father’s day is celebrated every June 3rd, Sunday. I hope you remember it from next year, when is fathers day.

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

The special thing about this Father’s day:

Fathers Day is always special day which comes once a year. Father’s day is celebrated worldwide each and every year. It is more happily celebrated in all the church. I found it is celebrated more in big cities & church very nicely. It is celebrated on different dates, it has no fixed date of celebration. But it is celebrated on 3rd Sunday of July as I mentioned above.

Do you know in many countries Fathers day is celebrated on 1st Sunday of September?

Celebrating this day in church every father is rewarded one sweet flower & gift from the church members.

How will I celebrate my Fathers day?

  • I am very excited about this 2017 Fathers day. I have created this website to share my feeling with you all and surprise my Dad through this blog. I am little confused about choosing gifts for my Dad.
  • I don’t want to give just a flower, but few more things. I made one list of gifts from where I am going to choose one.
  • I want my dad to use the gift I give him for whole life. So that he keeps that gift close to him & use it.
  • I had planned to choose one category from here: You can also buy from below links for your Dad.

Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2017 | Happy Fathers Day Gift Basket:

  • Dress
  • Sun-glasses
  • Watch
  • Wallet
  • Shoe
  • Mug
  • Cake
  • Movie Tickets or any events

But When I think about Fathers day gift, I feel dress will not last for long. So I would like to choose any from Sunglasses and wallet, I am sure, now you know when is fathers day very well & surprise your dad.

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